Thinking to install new floors in your home, you probably want something low-maintenance that doesn’t require special care. The low-maintenance flooring can vary from person to person, there are many hallmarks that determine this kind of flooring. In order to get the most out of your investment, look for flooring that’s not only low-maintenance however also durable enough to stand the test of time. This guide explains some tips on floor maintenance so you can decide which material and elegance can fit your home and your lifestyle.


As you look for the correct flooring for your home, you will wish to contemplate what constitutes a low-maintenance material and floor style. Here are a couple of inquiries to raise that may assist you prioritize the flooring you select, and verify what low-maintenance means that to you:

  • Do you prefer flooring that’s simple to stay clean? This means your floors need easy dusting and mopping instead of having to spend hours scrubbing grout lines. Simple to clean floors should resist stains and spills and can be cleansed up with an easy wipe or cleaning solution.
  • Are you searching for some thing that requires little to no upkeep? This kind of low-maintenance flooring won’t require sanding, staining, or sealing later down the line. It won’t need to have the grout cleansed, polished, or replaced, either.
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Engineered Hardwood

Enjoy the beautyness of real wood without the headaches, once you opt for engineered hardwood flooring. This material is rugged and beautiful, and it’s simple to keep clean with a broom or dry mop. Engineered hardwood is available in 100 percent waterproof options. It won’t warp and doesn’t need protection or refinishing like real hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the best vinyl flooring option in terms of maintenance costs. Whereas vinyl composition tile (VCT) is much cheaper initially, it requires constant stripping, waxing and polishing to protect its surface. You can maintain the beautyness of luxury vinyl flooring with regular sweeping. It is also resistant to water and staining.

Ceramic Tile

This material has been used in homes for many years, mostly because of its smooth surface and aesthetically pleasing style. Ceramic flooring won’t dent or scratch and resists water superbly. As a result of ceramic is nonporous, it won’t absorb the color from liquids and other things, creating it a durable selection for several owners.

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Porcelain Tile

This tile is extremely hard and dense, which suggests it’s extremely durable. Porcelain tile comes in a range of finishes and colors, and also the pattern carries through the whole surface, which suggests any chips or cracks are practically impossible to see.

Laminate Flooring

With a range of designs to decide on from and an affordable value price point, laminate flooring is easy to maintain. This kind of floor can be cleaned using a broom or vacuum to get rid of crumbs and debris. If your laminate floors get wet, blot them dry quickly however never use water to clean laminate, as it could cause the flooring to warp.

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