One of the basic needs of humans since the beginning of time is a roof over the head. Initially, not much importance was given to what went under the feet. As time passed, this arrangement changed, starting with the construction of huts out of mud and straws. Slowly but steadily, civilization flourished, and people realized the importance of solid or hardwood in construction, especially for floors. Today, there are more hardwood floor trends in Arizona than one can count. But this evolution of trends did not happen in one day and is, therefore, today’s topic of discussion.

Hardwood Floor Trends in Arizona

How Have Hardwood Floor Trends Changed?

Here’s a brief timeline demonstrating the transition undergone by top flooring companies in Avondale.

1. From the 1500s

The use of solid wood trunks to create floors first came into the picture during the middle ages. During this time, 1 to 2 feet wide wooden planks were cut by hand, polished with metals or wooden tools, and pinned down using nails over stone or dirt foundation like in the castles. In most cases, the planks were rough in texture and crafted out of oak and pine wood by the aristocrats.

2. The Late 1900s

As years passed, the love for superior quality hardwood flooring increased along with a demand for different color wood. This led to the use of red and purple oak and blond shaded wood by the best flooring company in Avondale. During this phase, the planks were 2 ½” wide with a basic and glossy finish because of all the scrapping, sanding, waxing, and polishing. Moreover, using nails was replaced by hot tar acting as adhesive.

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3. The Millennium 2000s

With the start of a new millennium, the evolution of hardwood floor trends reached newer heights. The demand for light shades and the shine got replaced with textured, organic, and distressed wood. This meant homeowners were looking for a darker appearance so that it could add coziness. This led to the rebirth of original wooden shades like rustic and Tuscan brown. This has been the best flooring in Arizona over the ages as they can still be seen in restaurants, pubs, spas, and other posh commercial places.

4. Since 2010

Within just ten years, a drastic change took place in the sphere of hardwood flooring. This was the introduction of engineered wood. Many people feel that engineered wood isn’t actual wood, but that is not true. The difference between engineered and solid wood is that the prior is made out of wood fiber and plastic content to make them more durable. Currently, the best flooring company in Avondale, Arizona, manufactures engineered wooden planks approximately 7 ½” wide. The reason for such a change in width compared to the past is that it helps make rooms appear bigger. In addition, the different shaded matte finished floors with unique designs emit a simple, clean, and aesthetic aura which is a preference in modern times.

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Nowadays, there are numerous types of flooring available in the market. Nevertheless, the demand for trending hardwood floors supersedes all others. Its ability to evolve with time and according to public preference has helped it retain its place as a mark of aristocracy despite the raging competition.