One of the most popular design trends today is the modernist style pattern. This classic style unites simple shapes, neutral color schemes, simplicity, and functionality. If you want that look to be incorporated in your home, you have undoubtedly already saved and bookmarked the ideal furnishings and decor, but what about your modern flooring ideas? Understanding the characteristics of a modern-styled home will help you choose the best modern flooring solution. Find out what flooring options from the Top Flooring Company in Tempe are available that you may consider. This article will discuss all the current flooring trends that build the foundation for a modern style.

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About Modern Style

Modern design, often called classic design, draws its inspiration from the early 20th century and is a forerunner of other well-known forms, including mid-century modern and contemporary styles. Clean lines, earthy color schemes, and natural materials like wood, stone, and leather combine to produce modernism’s striking yet simple forms. Pops of color are not a feature of contemporary design. You’ll observe a balance of all the elements in the room and warm neutral shades to be more in use.

Modern vs. Contemporary Styles

Modern design is a foundational element of contemporary style, and the two are frequently confused with each other. When implementing either of the designs into your house, it’s crucial to recognize the clear contrasts between them. Contrary to modern style, contemporary design draws inspiration from several historical eras. The style evolves over time and with many design elements, with nuances of other styles added in. It is believed that contemporary design draws inspiration from several eras without concentrating on one, including Art Deco, modernism, minimalism, and many more.

Modern vs. Mid-Century Modern Styles 

Modern design served as the foundation for mid-century modernism. Bold colors, low pieces of furniture with exposed legs, and abstract geometric patterns are all included in this design aesthetic, yet the floors and furniture are nevertheless kept to have a straight, clean line. Color selection is the main difference between modern and mid-century design. Despite retaining an appreciation for the utility and clean lines of contemporary design, mid-century modern design adds a playful twist with flashes of vibrant color.

Now that you know what to prioritize when designing a modern home, let’s discuss some flooring options that complement the general aesthetic of the contemporary design of your space.

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Modern Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is surely a great option for a home with a modern design aesthetic because modern style is based on natural materials. Tile from Arizona flooring store in Avondale incorporates neutral shades and natural materials into your flooring. Modern homes frequently include identically sized concrete or natural stone tiles laid in a conventional tile arrangement to produce angular lines. Modern homes stand out thanks in large part to rectangular or square tiles.

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The wood-look tile floor has all the features a contemporary home may require and requires very low maintenance. Due to the popularity of all wooden shades in contemporary homes, you can typically find light, medium, and dark shades of wood-look tile as well. This gives the room’s stunning modern components a more organic feel.

Large Format Tile Floors

When you select a balanced shade of flooring to fit your decor and furniture, your floor will soon be ready for installation. Regardless of the pattern, modern flooring frequently appears seamless. Use of large format tiles with a fine grout line is used to achieve this. Large-size tiles, whether made of concrete, stone or wood-look tile, help the space maintain its contemporary design.

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