Tile flooring is most commonly found in kitchen and bathroom settings. Tiles are one of the most low-maintenance floor types and do not demand a lot of effort. As per the wholesale flooring Avondale experts, keeping the tiles sparkling is never a challenge if you know the right way. Porcelain and Ceramic are among the most popular tile options. If you are looking for a long-lasting alternative to carpets, this is it. They are super easy to clean and add a classy look to the floors. 

How often should you Clean Tile?

As per the suggestion by the Arizona flooring store in Avondale, a dry cleaning once a week and a deep cleaning once a month are ideal for maintaining the surface. You can also call for a professional tile cleaner to effectively clean the surface once or twice a year. Professional cleaning brings a lot of difference and improves the durability and appearance of the ground. Keep a brush, vacuum, mop, commercial cleaner, etc., handy before you begin to clean the surface. So, extend the lifespan of your tiles with proper cleaning and maintenance.

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Ways to Clean the Tile Floors

Dry Cleaning

Arizona flooring store in Avondale advises drying clean the surface at least once a week. A simple sweep is the easiest way to do this. Some find using the vacuum clean a more convenient option. If your kitchen or bathroom is a busy area, you can do this frequently for the best results. 

Deep Cleansing

A deep cleansing refers to wet cleaning. The best floor stores in Tempe suggest wet cleaning at least once a month. Start by dry cleaning and then move forward to use the special detergent or floor cleaner for a polished surface.

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Do Not Forget Grouts 

Grouts can look extremely dirty and make the surface appear a mess. The specialists at wholesale flooring Avondale recommend using a brush with bristles to clean the grouts. Use a strong cleaner and scrub the top to remove the extra dirt from the surface. 

Stain Treatment

Stains are not very common for tiles because of their non-porous nature. However, if you find a stain, use hot water with a commercial cleaner. If the stain is too stubborn, try leaving the cleaner for some time and then wipe it off. 

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips from the best floor stores in Tempe to keep the ground shiny and classy. It is a great idea to keep the tile brush clean. It may accumulate dirt and germs over time. So, either clean it or get it replaced. It is advised not to use powerful cleaners on the surface for everyday use as they might take off the color of your tiles and make them look pale. Use lighter products on most days until there is a need for strong ones. Never be too harsh on the surface; opt for light scrubbing to clean. This might damage the grouting and damage the surface. Keep the above things in mind and make your tiles look sparkly.