Building your home with the best flooring in Arizona is a necessity nowadays. Your flooring material should ideally be strong, useful, and comfortable to walk on. Thanks to technological advancements, vinyl flooring may compete with other materials in terms of texture and appearance, including solid wood, stone, and ceramic. 

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are four types of vinyl flooring: Vinyl Plank, Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Sheet, and Luxury Vinyl Tile.

1. Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks are significantly more stain resistant and easy to maintain than conventional hardwood planks, and they are made to give your flooring the appearance of hardwood floors without spending much. 

Best Vinyl Flooring in Arizona

2. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a fantastic flooring option for DIY projects since they are made of separate tiles of varying sizes that, when put together, have the look of stone tile.

3. Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet tile is a wonderful option for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens since it is water resistant.

4. Luxury Vinyl Tile

The same fashionable trends found in the best durable flooring in Arizona can be replicated by luxury vinyl tile or LVT. However, you can discover the real look you adore at an excellent price, choosing from traditional, rustic, and exotic woods as well as sophisticated industrial designs influenced by both petrified wood and reclaimed wood. 

Best Durable Flooring in Arizona

6 Tips for Selecting Vinyl Flooring

Here are some suggestions for choosing the best vinyl flooring in AZ for your house if you’re thinking about installing new flooring from top flooring companies in Avondale:

1. Think about your Preferred Design Style

A broad variety of color variants and patterns are available in vinyl. With such a wide selection available, it will be simpler to discover vinyl flooring that meets your preferences.

2. Learn about Vinyl Flooring Options First

There are more types of vinyl flooring than you may think, so it helps to spend some time learning about them all before making a choice.

3. Choose a Color

You should choose a color for your vinyl as well. For example, pale whites or creams can be an excellent choice for a bathroom or laundry room because lighter colors make spaces appear larger.

Best Flooring Company in Avondale, Arizona

4. Does Direct Sunlight Enter your Room?

Although vinyl is highly durable, it might fade if exposed to bright sunlight regularly. Consider colors like white or grey if you’re placing vinyl in a bright space because it won’t fade quickly.

5. Choose Between DIY and Professional Installation

If you’re using planks or huge tiles, DIY installation can be far more economical and simpler than you think. However, many flooring companies are available too, who can do it for you if you don’t have the time or patience.

6. What Level of Stain Resistance do you Require?

Consideration should also be given to durability and stain resistance when comparing various vinyl flooring options. Most vinyl is simple to clean; however, some varieties are more stain-resistant than others. Therefore, it’s usually worth spending a little more on thicker, more durable vinyl that will withstand any spill and stain for areas like the kitchen where frequent spills are expected to occur.


It’s not always simple to choose the best vinyl flooring options from your home’s best flooring company in Avondale, Arizona. Still, we hope the tips above will make it easier to consider which option might be right for you. However, if you’re having difficulty selecting one, follow Trends On Flooring to get updates on the best floorings available today.